Buying a home built before 1991?

If you are buying a home that was built before 1991, if the kitchen is the original or if the stove/oven is the original, it is important to know that it may not have anti-tip brackets designed to prevent free-standing ranges from tipping.  A certified home inspector will, as a part of the home inspection, make recommendations in the inspection report to bring the range up to the required standard as per American National Standards Institute (ANSI) and Underwriters Laboratories (UL).

Range tip-overs have resulted in severe injury and death, particularly among children.  Any ranges built after 1991 must have anti-tip brackets installed.  These brackets keep the ranges stable and capable of supporting up to 250 pounds of weight.  These are either wall mounted or floor mounted.  A certified home inspector will not only look for the presence of the brackets, but also look to see that the brackets were properly installed.

This is just one item that the home inspector will look for when performing a pre-purchase home inspection for the buyer.  The home inspector can also inspect a home you are thinking of selling, in order to identify potential problem areas that will need to be addressed.  If potential problems are spotted and corrected before the home goes on the market, it will help to ensure a much smoother selling process and relieve unnecessary stress for the seller.

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