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What does Certified Home Inspector mean?


When you are ready to hire a home inspector, take a look at the website for the Arizona Board of Technical Registrations.  It will give you information regarding the requirements to be a home inspector in the state of Arizona.  Your home inspector should be certified.

And what does that mean? It means that your home inspector has fulfilled the educational requirements, has passed the state and national exam, and has performed the required amount of “parallel” inspections; that is, has performed inspections along with a seasoned home inspector who is carefully supervising the inspector in training.  The inspector has also passed the criminal background check and has paid the required fees.

It is worth the time to check out your potential inspector to make sure you are getting what you are paying for.  To learn more about certified home inspector requirements in Arizona, go to:



Should I attend my pre-purchase inspection?

Absolutely!  We often hear that buyers are not sure if they are invited to the inspection.  Remember that the buyer is the customer who is hiring the home inspector and yes, the buyer should attend the inspection.  It is a great opportunity for the buyer to get a close-up view of  this very important investment.  Also, it is a perfect time to ask questions and to learn about your new home.

Sometimes the inspection reports can appear daunting and filled with a lot of technical information that is not easily understood.  It makes things so much clearer to the buyer to be there in person, speaking directly with the home inspector and asking questions.  It does make the inspection take longer, but it is well worth the time spent.



Why get a home inspection on your current home?

Even if you are not in the market for a different home in Prescott or the beautiful surrounding areas, having your current home inspected every three to five years is recommended.  It is an excellent way to ensure that your home stays in top condition for years to come.  Our home inspection will cover everything from the foundation to the roof and will point out any repairs that are necessary for safety, function and durability of your home.  Once you review your finished home inspection report, you can then write your “to-do” list and work on repairing or updating items that are mentioned in the report.  Call or email to schedule this inspection.


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